The Selection Process

Each of the SA Tomorrow sub-area plans was developed with regular input and participation from local residents, business owners, property owners, institutional representatives, and other key partners and stakeholders. In addition, a formal Planning Team was created for each sub-area that provided more frequent, in-depth, and consistent advice and guidance throughout the planning process. The composition of the Planning Team for each area is drawn from the representatives and stakeholders described above, and varies depending on the existing uses, assets, challenges and opportunities associated with each area. The list of planning team members above does not include alternate representatives who filled in for those above when they were unable to attend meetings. The participation of alternate representatives is greatly appreciated.

Frank Alfaro

Alamo Heights ISD

Marco Barros


David Bemporad

Great Springs Project

Karen Bishop

San Antonio River Authority (SARA)

Kacey Brewer

Alamo Heights United Methodist Church

Christina Castaño

VIA Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Brenda Crawford

North Star Mall

Fr. Simon Dawood

St. Demiana Coptic Orthodox Church

Libby Day

Shearer Hills/Ridgeview Neighborhood Association

Jeff Fair

San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

Paul Foster

Foster CM Group

Gary Gibbons

Greater Harmony Hills Neighborhood Association

Ryan Hall

Aviation Department

Joshua Heiss

Aviation Department

Alvin Holbrook

Bike San Antonio

Bryan Hummel

Area Resident

Marilyn Jowdy

Blossom Park Neighborhood Association

Dawn Ann Larios

San Antonio Restaurant Association

Michelle Madison

San Antonio Hotel & Lodging Association

Laura Matthews

Friends of McAllister Park

Stephen McGuire

Walker Ranch Homeowner’s Association

Ryan McLeaird

Bluffview Resident

Traci Miller

Bluffview Resident

Andrew Ozuna

Broadway Bank

Terry Palmer

Forrest Oak Neighborhood Association

Pamela Peck

Tanglewood Resident

Kelly Reid-Walls

Crownhill Park Neighborhood Association

Steven Southers

Aviation Department

Donna Thompson

Arboretum Neighborhood Association

Jack Van Winkle

Blossom Park Neighborhood Association

Tammy Wincott

Hunter’s Mill Neighborhood Association

The SA Tomorrow Plan

San Antonio is planning boldly to ensure our great City captures the type of growth and economic development that will lead our community into the future and provide benefits to all our residents. Visit this website to learn more about the Comprehensive Plan and what we’re doing to make San Antonio a diverse and thriving community.